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Prices for
Consultant Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon
MB,BS,MS,MCh, FRCS (Plastic Surgery)

British trained, Consultant Plastic Surgeon on the Specialist Register of The General Medical Council.



Day case prices, except wherever specified as one night stay inclusive of one pressure garment

Guide Prices

GA Abdominoplasty(1 night stay)/Tummy Tuck £4,900
GA Mini Abdomonoplasty (1 night stay) £4,300
GA + SED Lipoabdominoplasty (only limited liposuction) £6,100
GA+SED Lipoabdominoplasty (liposuction flanks and abdomen) £6,850
LA Alar Cartlige Reduction (one side) £2,055
GA Alar Cartlige Reduction (both sides) £2,755
GA Arm lift (one side) £3,600
GA Armlift £4,100
LA Blephs upper/ Eyelids Eyebags £2,800
GA Blephs lower/Eyelids Eyebags £2,800
GA Blephs x 4/Eyelids Eyebags £3,750
GA Body Lift £6,600
LA Botox - per area £   200
GA Breast Augmentation  unilateral/Enlargement £2,850
GA Breast Augmentation bilateral/Enlargement £4,050
GA Breast Augmentation with anatomical implants £4,550
GA Breast Augmented Mastopexy (one night stay)/Uplift £6,000
GA Breast Augmentation for tubular breasts £4,800
GA Breast Capsulotomy/Capsulectomy £3,500
GA Breast Implant Change £4,100
GA Breast Implant Change with anatomical implants £4,500
GA Breast Implant Remove £2,500
GA Breast Mastopexy (one night stay) £5,000
GA Breast Reduction £5,400
GA Browlift £4,000
GA Buttocklift / Implant £4,500
GA Buttock Implant Removal(1  night stay) £2,750
GA Calf Implant unilateral £3,500
GA Calf Implant bilateral £4,500
GA Canthopexy £2,550
GA/LA Cheek Augmentation unilateral £2,550
GA/LA Cheek Augmentation bilateral £4,000
GA Cheek Implant Removal £2,200
GA Chin Implant £3,300
LA-GA Circumcision £2,750
to £3,000
LA Derm Abrasion £2,750
GA Derm Abrasion £3,400
LA Dimple Creation (One side) £   750
LA Dimple Creation (Both sides) £1,000
GA Evacuation of Haematoma £1,250
GA Facelift - MACS (overnight) £5,100
GA Facelift with overnight £6,000
LA Fat Transfer 1 area    from £2,000
LA/GA Fat transfer full face £3,000
LA/GA Fat transfer buttocks £3,000
LA/GA Fat transfer breast £3,000
LA/GA Fat transfer lower limbs £3,000
LA/GA Fat transfer upper limbs/hands £3,000
GA Gynaecomastia using only liposuction £3,900
GA Gynaecomastia surgical excision £4,300
GA Hymenoplasty £3,250
LA Inverted Nipples unilateral £1,000
LA Inverted Nipples bilateral £1,500
LA Nipples reduction unilateral £   750
LA Nipples reduction bilateral £1,000
GA Labial Reduction / Labioplasty £2,250
LA Labial Reduction £2,000

Treatment for sweating - Botox   from

£   800

Treatment for sweating - Laser   from

LA Lip Reduction upper or lower £1,500
LA Lip Reduction upper and lower £2,000
LA Lip Augmentation £2,750
GA Liposuction - CHIN using laser £2,500
LA Liposuction - CHIN using laser £2,250
LA Liposuction to cheeks/buccal fat reduction £3,050
GA Liposuction - ABDOMEN using PAL £4,000
GA Liposuction - ABDOMEN + FLANKS using PAL £4,500
GA Liposuction -FLANKS using PAL/Lovehandles £3,350
GA Liposuction - INNER AND OUTER THIGHS (power assisted)/Saddlebags £4,000
GA Liposuction - INNER AND OUTER THIGHS + FLANKS (power assisted) £4,500
GA Liposuction -  BUTTOCKS £3,500
GA Liposuction to knees £3,000
GA Liposuction to ankles £3,500
GA Liposuction - upper arms using laser £3,350
GA Liposuction - upper arms without laser £3,000
GA Liposuction - Abdomen, FLANKS + inner and outer thighs £5,850
GA Liposuction - Abdomen, inner & outer thighs, buttocks £6,500

Macrolane   from

LA Mole Removal £1,200
GA Necklift with one night stay £5,100
GA Pectoral Implant £3,750
LA Restylene/Filler   per area £   250
LA Revision of Nostrill £2,250
GA Rhinoplasty £4,000
LA Rhinotip £3,000
GA Scar Revision - Anywhere <9cm2 £1,650
GA Scar Revision - Anywhere 9cm2 -  25cm £2,350
GA Scar Revision - Anywhere >25cm £3,100
LA Sclerotherapy one leg £1,500
LA Sclerotherapy both legs £2,100
GA Thigh Lift £4,100
GA Septorhinoplasty £4,350
GA Vaginal Tightening £4,000
  FOR COMBINED PROCEDURES patients will receive discount  
These fees are for guidance only. Final quote can be made only after consultation.

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