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Lasik or Lasek laser eye sight correction




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LASIK - full name: Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis
is one of the most advanced refractive surgery procedure currently available.

The operation

The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes. Anaesthetic drops are applied to the eye 5 minutes before the operation. This is all that is needed to make the operation relatively painless.

A small 'flap' is made in the surface of the cornea, lifted up and laser treatment is the applied underneath. The computer-guided excimer laser beam is then focused on the corneal surface for between 10-30 seconds. It permanently reshapes the cornea by precise selective tissue removal.

The flap is repositioned after the treatment, where it heals back into place very quickly. The nurse will give you eye drops and instructions on how to use them. You will also need to book a follow-up appointment with the surgeon, usually within the next day.

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Normally there is no pain although some discomfort may occur during the procedure and afterwards when the anaesthetic has worn off. The eyes may water for the first couple of days after surgery, and may be sensitive to light. Do not rub or touch the eyes for at least a week after surgery.

Improved vision should return within hours or days.

Surgical Risks
There are limits to the accuracy of refractive surgery. At minimum, you will require reading glasses from your mid forties. The risks in refractive surgery are very well contained, however no procedure is risk free, and each has a defined set of risks. Key areas of risk are highlighted below.

Flap complications (1-2% of patients).   A variety of flap problems may occur both during and after treatment. If correctly managed, most flap problems can be put right with little or no loss in vision.

Dry eyes.   Many patients (-50%) experience dryness in the first few months after Lasik, most of those resolving after this time. However, a small percentage may require artificial tear supplements in the long term.

Glare and halo effects.   Glare and halo effects whilst night driving are commonly observed after Lasik. These tend to be most prominent in the early postoperative period, and are more likely to affect people with higher corrections or larger pupils. These symptoms are rarely severe and do not generally affect satisfaction with the procedure.    The latest WAVEFRONT guided Laser treatment has come a long way towards reducing these night vision problems, and you should consider this option when selecting a clinic.

Loss of vision.   Sight without glasses is almost always considerably improved by Lasik. But measurable loss of best corrected vision (best vision with glasses after treatment compared with best vision in glasses before) happens occasionally after Lasik (affecting 2 – 4% of patients). This is usually minor in its extent, and does not usually diminish satisfaction with the procedure, but it may impact on vision if other problems with the eye develop later in life.

Keratectasia.   Excessive thinning of the eye wall can cause the shape and focusing power of the eye to become unstable after treatment. This is rare, and careful screening to detect pre-existing corneal abnormalities, conservative limits on treatment, and pre-operative measurement of corneal thickness all combine to limit this risk.

Understanding the risks involved in refractive surgery is very important.
Your surgeon can advise on any risks that may affect you.

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