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Linda Briggs "UK's Leading Independent Cosmetic Surgery Adviser"
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This web site started with 5 pages in 1999

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Sent:Monday, October 23, 2006 3:07 PM

Linda, I would just like to say I think your website is fantastic.  I have been looking at it for the past few years and seen it grow so much, and how dedicated you really are.  When I do eventually go for surgery (which I will) I will feel 100% assured when I book my consultation with you, and choose a surgeon.  I just love perusing the pages.  A big thank you.

p.s you look great.
Regards, Kerrin

Read the latest stories about Linda Briggs

Read the latest stories of patients that Linda Briggs has helped to find good quality surgery.
Click on the magazine to find the stories. Linda Briggs has options in England and abroad for cosmetic surgery.  Linda Briggs can help you organise your complete package for cosmetic, general, obesity surgery and much more.

Linda Briggs is probably the largest company in the UK sending patients overseas for surgery.   It has a well established reputation and Linda Briggs is a trademark

Beware of companies trying to imitate or use the trademark of Linda Briggs.   Let Linda know if you are unsure if the company you want to use, is an associate of Linda Briggs and can offer you the support you need when undertaking the big step of having surgery.


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