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Things You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry Implants


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The first people to have false teeth

The first real implants
came from dead soldiers in the French Revolution, the Battle of Waterloo and the American Civil War. The recipient would have the teeth wedged into sockets made in the jaw.  Bearing in mind there was not much in the way of anaesthetic in those days, it must have been really painful to receive someone else’s tooth.
(Information from the Reader’s Digest Book of Strange Stories)

Cosmetic dentistry has moved on in leaps and bounds over the past few years and having nice looking teeth is no longer a privilege of the rich. Unfortunately the NHS will not fund a lot of the procedures unless injuries occurred as the result of an accident. But funding the cost of nice looking teeth can be an investment because it restores self-confidence. If a face-lift is being considered, take a long look at the teeth; cosmetic dentistry could complete the image.

Procedures performed by Cosmetic Dentists.

      • Bridgework to fill gaps
      • Implants to replace missing teeth or space out badly positioned teeth.
      • Crowns for building up broken teeth.
      • Veneering
      • Whitening (bleaching or laser whitening)
      • Tooth contouring

Not everyone will be suitable for all the procedures and a consultation with the dentist is a must.  Obtain an estimate for the whole course of treatment and talk to the dentist about what he/she is able to do and what the overall look will be at the end.  Take into account that the look you might want to achieve may not suit you – make sure your expectations are realistic.

Mike's Cosmetic Dentistry Case Study
Mike had an accident at the age of 12 years and knocked out one tooth. Another had to be removed and he had a plate fitted with the two missing teeth on it.

Another tooth was growing crooked and Mike grew up not smiling and hiding behind his hands.

He spent years in the RAF and all dental treatment was NHS but nobody bothered to mention that he could do something about the look of his teeth. Eventually the decision was made to go ahead with cosmetic dentistry (it took him about 3 years to make the decision) and this is the diary of events.

Mike before cosmetic dentistry.


Mikes x-ray before work started

The X-ray shows Mike’s teeth before the dentist started the cosmetic work. The condition of the bone was measured, as it is generally not possible to replace missing teeth with implants after so long (approx 40 years).

07.08.99 Plaster models of the teeth were made to determine the best position for the missing teeth. Templates were made with the proposed teeth in place on the models.

11.09.99 The implants were placed in the jawbone
.  Two implants were used with one requiring a bone graft due to insufficient bone.  All the work was done under a twilight anaesthetic and Mike remembered very little about the procedures.  Local anaesthetic was also used. The implants were left for 6 months to integrate with the bone. In the meantime Mike wore his original dentures.

11.03.00 The implants were uncovered and the temporary teeth placed. At this point it was suggested that it might be a good idea not to just replace the missing teeth but to straighten the left central incisor, which was protruding and rotated

06.05.00 The central incisor was removed and another implant placed.

18.11.00 A new crown was placed on the implant This was straight and matched the adjacent teeth.

02.12.00 All work completed.

Mike's dentist died in 2008, but please ask if you want to know details of other dentists who can carry out this type of work.   Linda Briggs also has a list of cosmetic dentists around the world and if you would like more information

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