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Linda Briggs  Cosmetic Surgery in England
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MB,BS,MS,MCh, FRCS (Plastic Surgery)
Consultant Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon.  British trained, Consultant Plastic Surgeon on the Specialist Register of The General Medical Council.

The range of procedures carried out is extensive.  He has an excellent reputation for carrying out all types of lipo and is the first user of radio frequency lipo in the UK

This charming man gives as much time to his patients during consultations, as they need.  His primary concern is that patients are fully aware of what is involved in the procedure they wish to have.

Click the button above to get more information and the name of this consultant.  His secretary will then contact you to see if you would like to book a consultation.

His prices are very realistic for London.  And he works in some of the nicest hospitals in the London area.



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