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Plastic Surgery & Dentistry in Sigulda Latvia
Prices for Bariatric surgery
in Sigulda, Latvia


Gastric Bypass RNY -    EUR

Sleeve Gastrectomy -     EUR

The  Bariatic Surgery Package price  (6-7 days) is EUR 5570 and includes:

1. Documentation, initial consultation with Bariatric surgeon (Skype).

2. Meet & Greet at Riga International Airport, Airport transfers, accomodation.

3. Pre-operative Health examinations (blood, urine, ECG, Chest X-ray, Upper Endoscopy)

4. Consultation

5. Surgery and Post-operative 24hr Intensive care.

6. Recovery in the hospital - 5 days - private room

7. Aftercare - Free initial consultation with a UK-bsed Bariatic Dietician and Behavioural Therapist.

8. Regular check-ups with the English-speaking Patient Co-ordinator in Latvia and with the Bariatric surgeon when necessary.

9. Active closed Facebook community for continuous support and education.

10. Consultations & recommendations for continuous lifestyle, diet and nutrition 


The Bariatric surgeon is GMC registered in the UK.
This is without a doubt the best value for money!  Everything will be taken care of  for you (except your flights which are not included and which you will have to book yourself) and you will have no worries about any of the technical details!

Ask about weight-loss surgery in Latvia!


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