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Plastic Surgery & Dentistry in Latvia - Orthopeadic Surgery Prices


The treatment price includes:

  • Booking of treatment
  • Consultations and basic health tests for safe surgery
  • Surgery, prosthesis, general anesthesia
  • Early recovery in the hospital

Hip replacement, total, non cemented prosthesis (5 days)

Hip replacement, total, prosthesis cemented or hybrid (5 days)

Hip resurfacing (5 days)

Knee replacement (5 days)

Shoulder replacement (5 days)

*Full range of orthopedic procedures is available, please do not hesitate to ask for more!


Special rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery is recommended to achieve the best possible result of the surgery! 10 days of rehabilitation cost additional EUR 1153.00

The rehabilitation price includes -

  • Transfer to the rehabilitation center
  • Personal single or double room & catering 3 x per day
  • At least 3 rehabilitation procedures per day (6 days per week)
  • Supervision of a doctor-rehabilitologist

Enjoy rehabilitation in one of the most beautiful towns of Latvia!

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