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Linda Briggs explains the Benefits of Labia Reduction Surgery

Linda Briggs - Labia reduction

The reasons for considering a labiaplasty (vaginal cosmetic surgery to reduce the size of the labia) amount to more than a simple desire to improve aesthetic appearance.

Prospective patients for
labia reduction may experience discomfort when sitting for prolonged periods, may suffer irritation from certain types of clothing and may even encounter pain during sex.  These issues can be embarrassing and lead to an erosion of self-confidence.  Some women may be born with large labia whilst others may find that they develop with age or as a consequence of childbirth

Labia reduction involves a simple and brief surgical procedure, often lasting less than an hour, which can banish forever the embarrassment and discomfort associated with large labia, allowing the patient to lead a more comfortable and self-confident life.

If you feel that you could benefit from labia reduction, but want to know more about the procedure, where to find a qualified cosmetic surgeon and how much it is likely to cost, the best place to start is with
Linda Briggs.  Linda is Britain’s leading independent cosmetic surgery advisor and has been helping UK patients to obtain cosmetic and plastic surgery from some of the world’s most skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons for more than a decade.

boob jobs and tummy tucks to more specialised cosmetic surgery procedures such as calf implants and eyelid rejuvenation, Linda Briggs has helped to change the lives of many UK patients for the better thanks to the free advice she provides.  Recognising the lack of information for prospective cosmetic surgery patients in the UK, Linda Briggs has tirelessly sought out cosmetic and plastic surgeons who offer the highest levels of surgical skill, experience and patient care across a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures, whilst also ensuring that the services offered represent excellent value for money.

Whilst labia reduction may be a comparatively safe and straightforward surgical procedure this does not mean that it can be performed competently by every practising cosmetic surgeon.  Linda Briggs will help you to find the very best and most experienced surgeon to perform your labia reduction, taking away any risk or guesswork and leaving you confident in the knowledge that your surgery is being performed by an expert in their field.  Many of the cosmetic surgeons that Linda recommends are based overseas.  If you choose to obtain
cosmetic surgery abroad, Linda can help you to combine your surgery with a holiday if you wish.

Linda Briggs - Labia reduction

Whatever you decide, the advice, information and guidance that Linda Briggs provides is all free of charge, so if you believe that the quality of your life could be improved as a result of labia reduction or other vaginal cosmetic surgery the best first step you could take is talking to Linda Briggs.


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