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Linda Briggs - lip augmentation

Kiss Goodbye to Unattractive Lips with Linda Briggs’ Help

The mouth is one of the most significant and expressive features of our face, and the appearance of our lips can convey information about our moods (think of smiles and frowns), our age and our general health.  Fuller lips have long been associated with attractiveness, youth and vitality and psychological studies have suggested that a woman’s lips serve as a subconscious biological indicator of her fertility therefore increasing her attractiveness to men.

Lip augmentation is achieved through simple cosmetic surgery and can help both men and women who were born with thin lips, or whose lips have lost their fullness as a consequence of the ageing process, to achieve a healthier and more youthful appearance, restoring natural balance to facial features.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your lips talk to
Linda Briggs, the UK’s leading independent cosmetic and plastic surgery adviser.  Linda can give you free advice about your options for lip augmentation, which include the application of dermal fillers (the injection of natural organic material to fill out the lips), surgical lip enhancement which can reduce the area between the lips and the nose and micro-pigmentation, a procedure similar to applying a tattoo which gives lips a broader appearance and is a permanent solution.

Following her own experiences of cosmetic surgery, Linda Briggs realised that there were very few resources for prospective patients to refer to in order to find reliable information about plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures, and the most qualified and safest surgeons to perform them.  As a result Linda has spent more than a decade seeking out the very best cosmetic surgeons in the UK and abroad to ensure that patients requiring anything from
boob jobs to tummy tucks and from face lifts to buttock lifts can find a surgeon who is reputable, experienced and offers value for money and the highest standards of hygiene and care.

Although lip enhancement requires only minor cosmetic surgery and may be viewed by some as nothing more than an exercise in vanity, Linda Briggs appreciates that unhappiness with any aspect of our personal appearance, and particularly with facial features, can undermine a person’s self-confidence and adversely affect their quality of life.

Linda Briggs - Lip augmentation

Linda has enabled thousands of
satisfied UK patients to undergo cosmetic surgery with complete confidence and many of them describe the results as ‘life changing’.

If you are unhappy with your appearance and are considering lip augmentation to give you fuller, younger looking and more attractive lips Linda Briggs can help you to find the best cosmetic surgeon at the best price and will safely guide you through every step of the process – and that really is something to smile about.

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