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Press releases | 2010 | 2011

December 2011

Get the Bottom Line on Buttock Implants from Linda Briggs

1st November 2011 Breast reduction can be
  Click to see after breast reduction

Smartlipo UK or abroad

10th October 2011 Linda Briggs can help you to feel great about your shape again
6th September 2011 Linda Briggs reveals the best way to retain your beauty with Botox

All about Botox

26th August 2011 Linda Briggs brings an end to dreaded ‘bingo-wings
16th August 2011 Linda Briggs opening your eyes to the benefits of Blepharoplasty
7th June 2011 Cosmetic surgery holidays
16th May 2011 For independent advice on cosmetic surgery, consult Linda Briggs
28th April 2011 Affordable cosmetic surgery abroad
2nd February 2011 Cosmetic surgery in Budapest with Linda Briggs
31st January 2011 Cosmetic dentistry with Linda Briggs



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