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Get the Bottom Line on Buttock Implants


before buttock implants

After buttock implants

For some, weight loss, pregnancy or advancing age will have an undesirable effect on their body shape; bottoms can become untoned or ‘sagging’ in appearance.

Others may naturally possess a flat, shapeless or uneven bottom.
Buttock implant surgery, also known as ‘buttock augmentation’ or ‘gluteoplasty’ can achieve a fuller, firmer and more rounded appearance that cannot be otherwise obtained by diet or exercise.  The benefits of buttock implants are both physical and psychological; not only will you look better but you’ll also have greater confidence in yourself having gained a desirable body shape.

Whilst the surgical procedure to insert buttock implants is relatively straightforward and takes between only one and two hours, anyone seeking this or any other cosmetic or plastic surgery should speak to
Linda Briggs first.  Linda Briggs is the UK’s leading independent advisor on plastic and cosmetic surgery and has been helping patients to obtain the best and most cost-effective cosmetic and plastic surgery available both in the UK and abroad since 1999.

Linda herself is aware of the life-changing benefits of successful cosmetic surgery and has made it her mission to seek out cosmetic surgeons who offer the highest standards of competence, professionalism, hygiene and aftercare at the most competitive rates.  As a result, Linda Briggs is able to advise upon and recommend the best plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Britain, Europe and around the world to patients seeking buttock implants,
boob jobs, tummy tucks, cosmetic dentistry and a wide range of other cosmetic surgical procedures.

Whilst the buttock implant procedure is comparatively quick and low-risk, an overnight hospital stay will be required and rest and recuperation is advised for the first seven to ten days following surgery.  The good news is that Linda Briggs has identified outstanding cosmetic surgeons based in some of the world’s most desirable and relaxing holiday destinations including
Tunisia, Marbella, Turkey, Malta, Cyprus and Egypt.  Many of the cosmetic surgery patients that Linda Briggs advises choose to obtain their cosmetic surgery abroad and combine this with a relaxing sunshine holiday.  Linda Briggs takes the risk out of choosing a cosmetic surgeon overseas; her selection criteria are stringent, so if the idea of getting buttock implants abroad from a qualified, experienced and reputable cosmetic surgeon at a price that allows you to indulge yourself in a holiday too, why not let Linda Briggs take care of the arrangements for you?

Before buttock implants

After buttock implants

As Linda Briggs’
many satisfied patients already know Linda’s goal is to make the experience of cosmetic surgery as comfortable, successful and worry-free for patients as she possibly can. Linda is happy to provide advice and information on all aspects for plastic and cosmetic surgery free of charge so if the idea of restoring your bottom to peachy perfection with buttock implants appeals, Linda Briggs will be happy to help you.

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