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Energetic women


Don't put up with tiredness
Not being able to lose weight
Thinning hair and bad skin
HRT is not the only option

Hormones, can't live with them, can't live without them.
There are many different problems caused by unbalanced hormones and the one that affected me the most was when my thyroid became under active in my 50s.  My hair thinned, my skin went dry and I struggled to stop gaining weight.   As well as that, I started to feel tired all the time and couldn't do much after lunchtime.  I suppose its better than trying to kill your husband as you approach the menopause, or throwing things when younger because you are hormonal.  The things we have to put up with!!

70 is not old either!

Anyway, 50 is the new 40
so I am not ready to sit in the chair and wait for the inevitable just yet.

I have heard other women say that their GP has given them anti depressants because they are so tired and miserable and others have been given HRT by theirs.

There is no consistency in the treatment of women who are suffering because their hormones are all over the show and doctors don't seem to want to know about hormones and the effects they have on women.

Not being the sort of person that gives up the search for a solution, I found an amazing doctor who can do a simple test and tell you exactly what is wrong with your hormones.

Use the button below to get more information about her and send her an enquiry about your hormone problem.

Doctors who offer
a natural approach to hormone health which can improve skin, bones, immunity and metabolism.
Also your ability to think and remember and help with depression, anxiety and mood swings.  And don't forget your sex life.

Harpal Clinic

This is an article I found about the effects of HRT  
Some fact about HRT in the Guardian

Marilyn Glenville has written some good books on natural alternatives to HRT

The Daily Mail story about Sherrie Hewson's thyroid problem

If you have any problems contact

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