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Elvis fan has face lift

-----Original Message-----
From: Louise
Sent: 11 February 2016 13:47
To: linda briggs
Subject: Thankyou

Hi Linda

I just want to thank you so much for all the arranging  of my surgery in
Budapest. It was so well organised, what with having someone to pick you up and drop me off at the airport, having Carolyn on tap as companion and 'guardian angel' out there (great idea) and organising the very talented and gentle and reassuring Dr K to do my surgery.  I felt completely safe in his hands, which probably he thought I was a  co operative patient because I didn't wriggle!  I think I asked the assisting nurse to scratch an itch once and that was it!  It was so comfortable, it was like someone doing embroidery on the sides of my face.  Also even though the swelling hasn't completely subsided yet, I can see he achieves neat, good and natural results so one comes back  looking like an improved version of oneself rather, than one of the Real Housewives from Orange County!   Lol!

As you know, even when I was still in  
Budapest I was recommending him to friends, as I know a friend from my Elvis network is keen to come to you/him and I will continue to recommend him.  He was also so accommodating doing  it under local for me. Very nice man, not remotely 'up himself' like some  British surgeons I've met over the years!  I will definitely come back to you and him for future procedures.  The price was so marvelous too compared to English prices, the English prices are daft and people are just paying for the  Harley Street address really.

The little apartment was such a joy and so tasteful and neat I was very happy just to sit in it and read most of the time and I had a glorious view  of pretty  
Budapest from my window.  Budapest is a beautiful city for sure and next time I go I will be sure to see all the parts of town I didn't see this time and such good vintage shops and antique shops too!  Who would've known!  The cakes were something else too!  Can't imagine what it would do to my waistline if I lived there!  So Thank you so much again Linda for making it all such a worry free and fun experience.

Best Wishes and love from Louise xx

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From: corrina
To: lindabriggs
Subject: My new body

Dear Linda,

I hope all is well with you, I look and feel amazing.

I just wanted to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart  for everything you have done to support me on this amazing journey.

The work you do is out of this world you help change people's lives.

Thank you for being so patient with me and always being available I will forever be in debt to you.

I have already started saving for my next surgery so will be contacting you early next year.

Once again thank you so much

Corrina xoxo

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Who is Rachel's surgeon

A programme featuring Linda's advice service
.  The programme was done in about 2008 and since then Macrolane is no longer used for boob jobs,.  If you are under 35 years old, its now done with your own fat.  Correction to one of the comments - Linda Briggs is not an agent for any surgeon.

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----- Original Message -----
Website email from shela

Hi Linda I spoke to you yesterday and you very kindly advised me how to obtain medical
insurance for dentistry in Hungary.  I spoke to a very helpful person who sorted everything out in minutes with everything I needed in the policy and at a reasonable price.  I was then able to sort out the remaining travel insurance again in minutes as I had removed the problem.

Just wanted to thank you for your advice, it was top notch and just regret not finding you before.  I think your
service is amazing and will most certainly go through you next time and also recommend you to all my friends, family and complete strangers!  Thanks, you have helped me more than you can imagine. Shela

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From: elaine@
To: linda
Subject: Website email from elaine

Hello Linda, It was lovely meeting you today....finally nice to put a face to the calming and reassuring voice on the phone.  I am very confident that Dr H will be able to give me the results I seek, and I am confident because you have recommended him.  I know how thorough you are........the help and assurance you gave me on my surgery last year was invaluable, and if I am seeking surgery I would always consult you for assistance.

Thank you elaine

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AW, Age 55, North London, dental implants

Linda Briggs - As a discerning woman over 50, I relied on and trusted
Linda Briggs to give me good advice and recommendations – and I have not been disappointed in any way – and I would say to anyone thinking of any type of treatment only to go to Linda Briggs when needing anything
  - she is a marvellous source of inspiration – and quite frankly I wouldn’t know where else to go for such good advice and information.  Linda has not failed me – through two breast augmentations, one uplift, two facelifts, one tummy tuck, lipo and botox!

What more can I say ...........


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From: steph
To: lindabriggs
Subject: Re: Your enquiry

I never ever look at anyone else's site when browsing around for surgery, dentist, etc., your site is the best and easiest to follow, and an enormous amount of work by Linda and her team in sourcing out surgeons' prices, countries is so beneficial for people when they need to start making choices.   I will be, hopefully, be getting my dentist work done out in Budapest.


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----- Original Message -----
From: Kerrin
To: linda

Linda, I would just like to say I think your website is fantastic.  I have been looking at it for the past few years and seen it grow so much, and how dedicated you really are.  When I do eventually go for surgery (which I will) I will feel 100% assured when I book my consultation with you, and choose a surgeon.  I just love perusing the pages.  A big thank you.

p.s you look great.
Regards, Kerrin


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Quote from an email

"P.S. I have read through your forum a couple of times and I think it is brilliant to hear from people who have actually done it (surgery) it really helps to pluck up the courage myself after reading this. Your web site is brill and a lot of people think highly of you, and after my experience with you so far I am really grateful there is someone out there to help the little people like me with no knowledge whatsoever.

Thank you"


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