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Cosmetic surgery and dentistry abroad in Zagreb Croatia


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Cosmetic Surgeon & Otolaringologist
in Zagreb, Croatia - Dr Toncic

A famous surgeon in Croatia and surrounding countries, with years of experience.  Croatia has become very good value for money for those who want cosmetic surgery abroad.  Specialities include all nose work (aesthetic and functional).  
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Afro Caribbean noses a particular speciality
, facelifts, eyes, liposuction and breast implants.  Dont forget to ask for your special 'Linda Briggs' rates.

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Arithea Clinic, Zagreb, Croatia

Arithera Speciality Hospital for Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Zagreb, Croatia

Poiliklinika Bagatin

Poliklinka Bagatin for Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry.  See
their web site here


Paul from UK said
"I don't have a UK dentist any more, every time I go on holiday I get a check up and clean with B.Dent.  I love atten tion to detail and get that in spades.  My teeth are fantastic after e very visit. Fully recommend".
B Dent, Zagreb, Croatia

Vaser Lipo and laser treatments
in Zagreb, Croatia

Also Botox, fillers and many more aesthetic treatments carried out by a GMC registered doctor who works in Harley Street, London and Zagreb, Croatia.

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Dental Estetic Studio in Zagreb offers all cosmetic and general dentistry.  See their web site here for more details.

Dental Centre b2, Zagreb, Croatia

Dental Centar b2  in Zagreb.  Their web site



Esthetic Dental Centre, Zagreb, Croatia

Esthetic Dental Centre


Dental Implant Centre

Dental Implant Clinic Krhen, Zagreb, Croatia


IVF Clinic in Zagreb

IVF and Gynecology clinic in a beautiful part of Zagreb.  
Their web site

Svjetlost Eye Clinic, Zagreb, Croatia

Svjetlost Eye Clinic for laser eye sight correction and lots more.  Prices from 1200 euros both eyes.

Zagreb offers a range of
hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, specialist shops with prices around 20% lower than in other European cities.  In Zagreb, there are plenty of cinemas, theatres, museums and galleries.

There is also skiing on the slopes in Sljeme, the peak of Mt Medvednica, only 20 minutes away by car from the city centre.  Zagreb is the host of the Ski World Cup Race known as the Snow Queen Trophy that takes place on Sljeme.  Medvednica is also very popular for walking and hiking. Zagreb has a continental climate and is only 170 km away from the Adriatic coast, which is a pleasant and picturesque drive away.

Croatia is considered one of Europe's best kept secrets.  It is both a continental and a Mediterranean country.  Also known as a Land of a Thousand islands.  The climate is, continental on the north-east of Croatia; while it is Mediterranean on the Croatian coast.

The population of 4.4 million gives everyone enough space to live comfortably in the historically dynamic and lush surroundings whether it is the romantic coast, with Roman legacy and Mediterranean architecture, or continental towns with impressive buildings typical of middle European architecture.  You can also enjoy the rural areas, either wide open or covered with woods, with national parks and untouched, clean nature.
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