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Cosmetic Surgery in Zagreb Croatia
Prices for Cosmetic Surgery in Zagreb, Croatia



Check with Dr Toncic for his latest prices

Face lift
S-mini lift
Forehead lift
Rhinoplasty - nose surgery
Otoplasty - ear correction
Blepharoplasty 4x - correction of upper and lower eyelids
Blepharoplasty 2x - correction of only upper or lower eyelids
Chemical peel
Breast corrections
Breast enlargement
(including silicon implants)
Breast reduction
Breast lift
Male breast reduction - gynecomastia
Abdominal region
Other surgeries
Mini abdominoplasty
Labia minora reduction - labioplasty

1 or 2 nights included in the clinic

Child care facilities available

The clinic can baby sit and have a trained educator who will take care of your children a few hours a day, enabling you to rest and recover.

Top quality surgery at affordable prices


Prices do not include:

All implants, equipment and materials used, are of EU standards, made in Europe and of premium quality.

Other cosmetic surgery
procedures carried out in Zagreb, Croatia

  • Breast Implant replacement

  • Nose - After accident or previous procedure

  • Nose tip correction

  • Afro Caribbean noses a speciality

  • To correct a breathing problem with another procedure add

Boris, a taxi driver
, will be waiting for you at the airport holding a board just for you. He speaks very good English and is more than happy to arrange other trips at a very reasonable cost during your stay in Zagreb.


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